Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mae Slaton Silent Auction

Young Mae
Mae's vessel


Mary Alice Rogan Slaton


Mae Slaton believed that artists should gather together to create and to share. She initiated the Empty Bowls Project in 2006 to celebrate the life and work of Lundin Kudo, ceramic artist and friend. Mae brought together ceramic artists, artists from other media and people who just like to play with clay. All who wished to contribute were welcome. A few “souper” bowls were also selected for a silent auction to raise additional funds to feed the hungry in Martin County.

In honor of Mae Slaton’s commitment to excellence as evidenced by her contributions to the Center for the Arts, Martin County Arts Council Exhibition Committee and Martin County Public Art Advisory Board, this silent auction is now the MAE SLATON SILENT AUCTION OF SOUPER BOWLS.

Mae brought art to every aspect of her life. We hope that these beautiful bowls will fill your life with joy and wonder, while helping to fill humbler bowls with sustenance.

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