Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Empty Bowls Project Committee 2010 consists of the following local artists:

Diane Ayres - Chairwoman

Ellen Bates

Petey Cox

Georgia Malone

Carolyn Smith

May Wong

Leona Zegar

Significant contributions of time and effort have also been made by:

Garth Decker

Gail McCarthy

Jackie Lanier

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best party in town

Well, maybe it was a slow night elsewhere in Martin County, but the Empty Bowls Friday night painting party was hopping. It might have been the best fun in town! It seems many folks had such a good time at our previous painting parties, that they not only came back, but brought spouses and friends. May, Diane, Garth and Ellen worked at fever-pitch to get tables set up, bowls glazed, problems solved and questions answered but it sure was fun. And the bowls...! The bowls produced last night were bright, beautiful, fun and best of all many - a record number. Best of all, we expect to meet or exceed our goal of 250 bowls for the event.

So, painters one and all, thank you. It is truly heart-warming to see how enthusiastically the artists in Martin County (and beyond) have rallied to support the Empty Bowls Project in its efforts to feed hungry

people in our community.

Be sure to stop in at Garden of Goods where finished bowls will be on display until the event. We'll look forward to seeing you all at St. Mary's Episcopal on Sunday, February 28th from 10AM to 2PM. Be sure to get there early for the best selection of bowls, and don't forget, there will be some very special "souper" bowls selected for silent auction.

Thanks again, painters, for all your help.

Pine School young artists

The Mission of the Pine School is to promote academic excellence within a challenging, supportive, and moral environment that fosters the development of mind, body and spirit. The school's Upper School Art Teacher, Maria Miele, agreed to work with The Empty Bowls Project this year to create many beautiful and creative student hand thrown and hand painted bowls. This fulfills their mission and ours at the same time!!!! These bowls will help to form part of the base for our fantastic soup bowl medley, providing artistic beauty for our locals and much needed funding for our soup kitchens across Martin Coutny.!! We are so excited to have these amazing giving and artistic students as a part of our team! All of which benefits the TC Food Bank and St. Mary's Food Kitchen!!! Thank you all so much for choosing to be a part of our team!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Painting Party in GOG

We have another GREAT day in Garden of Goods. I lost count how many painter has shown up, at one point both tables were packed. I guess over 20. This group of "Barn artists" is fun and very good. We surely would like to have them back next year. In fact, they have so much fun, some already decided to come back on friday night. Ellen, Diane and Garth were working so hard preparing the bowls to keep up with them. All of the works are in the kiln now. We still have about 50 bowls to go on Friday. Scripps News photojournalist - Deborah Silver was here, and great photographer Thomas Winter was here. Tom already has some very nice photos online.
Thanks again for everyone's help and support!

Painting party in Gail McCarthy's studio - Jan. 22

Julia Kelly painted her pair of beautiful love birds in record time. We are joking that we're going to send her to China.
One of Jerry Rose's chair leg collapsed when he's almost done. It's amazing to see his talent in painting and saving the bowl while recovered from the collapse in no time.
You can guess what's Aida Fry (left) working on. But there's a surprise.
Thanks Gail (center) for being a wonderful host, and sharing her wonderful studio.
Cristina de La Vega, of course, is doing a landscape. You just have to wait to see.